Friday, April 8, 2011

Finished Plexi-Glass Glittered Celestia, Stormy Moon and One and Only Heart

Hi Again everyone,
  I am finally done cleaning up after the small tornado we had come through here this week. We only lost one tree and our roof-over. Very scary but glad it wasn't worse :)  I started these images ~ Elaine Cox's CELESTIA & STORMY MOON and also one of Chin-Chou Kuik's ONE AND ONLY HEART on the plexi-glass in February @ the 18th or so and I finished them about a week after that.  Then I glued everything down and had to wait for them to completely dry.  It takes sooo long especially when it is humid ... but the results are sooo worth it.  I am very happy with these and am going to be working on  more of them the next set will include Elaine Cox's new mermaid images.
I hope you like them and thanks for taking the time to look at my glittery creations. ;)

                                               Here is where I started in February.

                                                           CELESTIA ~ FINISHED


                                                      STORMY MOON ~ FINISHED

                                                                    STORMY MOON

                                                ONE AND ONLY HEART ~ FINISHED

                                                           ONE AND ONLY HEART

                                              BACK VIEW OF ONE AND ONLY HEART


  1. beautiful art.....

  2. Thank-you Celeste !!! I have such fun making these except for the waiting for them to dry part lol ;)