Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jeweled Dream Shaker Card - In A Sweet Pea Dream -- Anything At All -- Challenge # 7

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with lots of crafty goodies for all of you. I loved this challenge!! This image, Jeweled is one that as soon as I saw it I had to have it.   I had the idea to make her into a shaker card just to do something different because she is just too cool!! I colored her with watercolor pencils and then she is glittered with pearlescent glitters from Stampendous. I made a second image of her and colored and glittered it then popped her up to make her really stand out and added all the jewels by hand. The oval shaker is from Scotch products. Inside the shaker are multi-colored metallic beadies and confetti glitter (see pics). I glued fused green metallic pearls on the outside of the shaker to accent it. To finish I used pearlscent papers and some black glittered designs and jewels and a class-a peels butterfly strip on each side of the shaker. I noticed you can see some of the glue on the top, that will dry clear like the rest ... I wanted to get this in before the deadline otherwise I would have waited for it all to dry.  Hope you like her and thanks for looking :)
I am also entering this in the Sweet Pea Stamps Challenge - Anything Goes

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cute Christmas Shaker Tags & Jewel :)

I decided besides just making cards this year I would make some shaker tags that you could actually hang for decoration too. I sprayed a chipboard tag with glimmer spray then I outlined it with a gel or glitter marker and added my gems and fused pearls around the shaker. (Yes, all the stars and gems were glued on by hand LOL )  To finish I added ribbon and lace to the top of the tag and on some a big crystal brad.  Scotch makes these great little display boxes that make it easy to make these little shakers.  They even include patterns inside for you. One thing I have learned that I will pass on though is that after you put down your bottom layer inside I would recommend using some metallic cord and gluing it really good around the insides of your shaker so that no little beads or glitter can get behind your images and mess things up. (big mess - had it happen and if you are a perfectionist like me you will tear it apart and re-do it ... this saves you from having to do that)  I use The Ultimate Glue from Stuff By David  (he  also sells the stars, beads and glitter I used on these tags)  This glue is strong, holds well and dries clear. I use a combination of  glitter and micro beads for the inside of the shaker and use the same glue to glue it shut, then I let it dry overnight.  I hope you enjoy these and maybe even try to make some.  I plan on making some larger ones and will share them when they are done. Thanks for looking :)   I also added Jewel in here since she looked so cute sleeping on her little baby :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cards, Pups & A Heater

I have been busy working on my cards all week and I decided to share a couple of them. The Snoopy one at the bottom is actually a shaker tag. (Kyla loves to test these out for me lol) I am also including a picture of some of the pups ... it was only 27 degrees here in Florida the one morning and they have all been in the craft room with me crowding around the extra little heater I have in there as you see in the picture.  Hope you enjoy them and thanks for looking :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cute Little Medicine Cup Ornaments & More

I decided to share these cute little medicine cup ornaments I made.  I have been getting more in the Christmas spirit... I think it has something to do with this cold weather here in Florida.  I actually found one of these in a thrift store and thought it was a cool idea.  I had the medicine cups in my stash and some nice little miniature trees and figures that would fit inside the cups.  You have to carefully drill a hole in the top of the cup just enough to put a string through. ( I used my dremel, it only takes a few seconds)  The next thing I did was punch out 2 circles to fit the bottom of the cup... you glue them together to make them sturdier than one alone.  Then you can thread your bead through the end and knot it on the inside of the cup and slide one on the outer side for decoration as well. (see pics)  After this step I see where to position my trees or people ... whatever you are going to put on the inside of the cup.  I chose a tree and a figure for all of mine. I took little seed or silver beads and decorated the trees before I glued them down. Then I glued down the figure and put some snow on them.  When I was ready to finish I piled a bunch of snow in the middle and then put a big layer of glue around the outside of the cup and placed it down on the punched out circle to finish.  You will probably have to wipe around the outside and have to hold the string when your are doing this last part.  When it was dry I glued a thin strip of ribbon around the outside.  I think these make a cute project and are even a good one for a little older kids to do.  Hope you like these and if you have a question just post it and I'll get back to you. Thanks for looking :)  I am going to post some of the other little things I made too. One is a plexiglass glitter ornament (my mom scooped her up) and I made a bunch of pin~up girl shaker magnets.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

True Blue Rose Tattoo - In A Sweet Pea Dream -- Monochromatic -- Challenge # 6

Hi ~ I had more fun with this one than I thought I would.  I was thinking it would be hard to do all one color but it actually all came together pretty well.  I did the usual -- pearlescent  chalked background and watercolor penciled the image which is the beautiful Blue Rose Tattoo.  I used Stuff By David's glitter in Midnight Blue on her tail, body and roses, Laser Blue on the other parts of her tail and body and Metallic Sky Blue on her hair and the leaves and vines.  Here is the link for his store Stuff By David he has lots of other cool stuff too. :)   I also used a ultra fine pastel blue glitter by Stampendous on her hair as the main color. I then took my glimmer sprays and dyed the white roses I had sapphire blue to match the blue roses in my image. Once they dried I glued them on. I added the little jewels for her earrings and bracelet. I sprayed a paper doily with a different glimmer spray and added that to the card.  To finish I added the rhinestone swirls, rhinestones, butterflies, and the other blue roses.  Hope you like her and thanks for looking :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Merry Season Ornament

 I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving but now the countdown and rush for Christmas begins.  I made this ornament for Sweet Pea Stamps Christmas Gift Contest.  I decided to make an ornament from 2 pieces of plexi glass. I used Staz ~ On Jet Black Ink to stamp the pretty Merry Season image on the plexi glass and I decorated it all from behind with glitter and used glass paints for her skin tone. I then put metallic blue paper in between the plexi glass sheets and glued them together, but I also added snowflakes and glitter to the back of the ornament before I finished gluing it. I then added the pearls for bubbles to the front to give it dimension. (Usually I have the ink side facing outward but I have been finding with making my key chains that even that can rub off so I that is why I decided to do it the opposite way.) To finish it I added the pretty white organza ribbon to hang it from. (You might see that some of the glue was not quite dry or cloudy in the pic... that is one drawback to making these sometimes it takes quite awhile for the glue to dry.)  I hope you like it. :)