Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sharing My Crafting Spot :)

Hi again!! I decided it was time for everyone to see where all this creativity happens at lol ;)  Keep in mind my room is not nearly big enough (I'm sure everyone feels this way lol) so I try to keep everything organized so I can find it fairly easy, with the stuff I use the most closest to me. Of course my husband says I could open my own store but I don't think I'm there yet lol. (He leaves me alone when I tell him I am going out to his shed -- not organized and tons of tools lol)  Thanks for looking :)
                   This is the ribbon rack Bob made me right above the doorway -- This one holds all the larger Christmas ribbon (I think I need another one lol :)

     This is the shelf Bob made for my rocking horse collection, it also has a full ribbon rack -- holds my satin ribbon. You also see the top of the bookcase he converted for me along with all my little treasures hanging and sitting on the shelf.

 This is the rest of the bookcase that he converted it has 2 full ribbon racks and more of my treasures in jars and some of the work I have done.

 This is the bottom of the bookcase holds my CD player and cd's (I know I'm old school lol) also Christmas stuff is in the one divided container. The big red basket holds my 12 x 12 paper.

 This is the corner shelf on the other wall it holds my jars of buttons, sequins, backgammon and other game pieces and my bling -- I like having it in jars and out I think it looks pretty :)

 This is more lace and ribbon plus cardstock and cards that are on top of the 3 drawer sections that I have against this wall. The drawers hold more cardstock and embellishments, paints, glues, etc.

 These are my 2 glitter cabinets (now you know I have more lol) You can also see some of the embellishments that are hanging so I don't forget about them. I bought little cup hooks and screwed them in the wall and hung the embellies on them.

 This is the right side of my desk -- It has all my tattered angels sprays and colored pencils on it.

 This is the front of my desk with all my little things on top and pictures -- I am still cleaning up from Christmas lol :)

 This is the left side of my desk with another divider that has all kind of embellies and the wooden tray in the back Bob made for all my Twinkling h2O's watercolor paints.

 Another full ribbon rack -- this one has all my sheer ribbon. The cabinet on the left holds my embossing powders, Art Institute Beads, and Flower Soft. The cabinet on the right holds my flock and spangles, sequins and in the drawer are tags and other items.

Well that's it except for the closet and we're not going to go there lol ;)


  1. wow - your craft room is like an Aladdins cave - love it

  2. Hi Miskyla !
    Your craft stash is amazin' ^_^

  3. Thanks for sharing these pics, I love seeing others crafting spaces. Love the ribbon storage you have!