Saturday, January 29, 2011

Having Fun Making Plexiglass Glitter Key Chains

Hi again. I was busy this week playing with some of the plexiglass that I had stamped. Kyla wanted her new key chain so that started things off. I ended up making 6 or 7.  I have decided to work on them on the same side that they are stamped on now because even though they are stamped with Staz-On ink it does tend to wear off after awhile. They are fairly easy to make. You stamp them with Staz-On ink then I go over the eyes and lips and other parts that I want to stand out more with a Sharpie extra fine point permanent marker. I then use Art Institute dries clear glue with a very fine point added to it to put the glue on the part I am going to glitter first --- I usually glitter darkest to lightest. I usually start with the hair. After you have glittered everything once you usually need to do it again so it shows up better. Then I take my Perm Enamel paint and mix up a skin color and paint the face and body twice. To finish you put paper you like behind them and then glue in place and put another piece of plexiglass behind it and glue that in place.  I use metallic tape around the outside and drill a hole for it to be a key chain or decoration. I will post the pictures of the ones I did below  Kyla has a two-sided one since she is spoiled of course lol ;)  Please note that the glue is not dried all the way yet it does take quite a while for it to dry and I wanted to share these before I start on a new batch. Some of these will make their way into the store if they don't get kidnapped first lol :)  Thanks for looking :)
                                          Kyla's Angel  one side ~ Greeting Farm image

                                              Kyla's Devil the other side :) ~ Greeting Farm image

                                            Sweet Pea Stamp Image ~ Coral Immersion

                                          Greeting Farm Creeper Crew ~ Thursday

                                            Mish's Devil ~ Greeting Farm ~ Naughty or Nice

                                             Greeting Farm ~ Naughty or Nice

                                          Greeting Farm Creeper Crew ~ Tuesday

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