Saturday, October 9, 2010


Wow !! It's been awhile since I've been here ... my grandfather has been down to visit for the last 2 weeks and he is going to be here for another week.  We have been enjoying our time with him since he lives up in PA.  I wanted to talk about another accent you can use on cards that I use a lot and that is crystals --- more pretty stuff LOL !!! I used them as stars on the card below, but they can be used in a lot of different ways... for flower centers, for your mermaids and sea cards, on tags as an outline (I will include my halloween tag pics) and many more ways. They are also easy to put on. I use a glue pen, place a dot of glue and put the crystal on. The swarovski crystals are the best, in my opinion.  They are what I used on the card below. They just have a better shine to them and are a much better quality then the regular crystals. If you have a chance to compare the swarvoski crystals to the regular crystals you can really see the difference. Jolee's and other companies now carry crystals by swarovski that you can get at reasonable prices. You can also find them here along with lots of other great items  Stuff By David   I just wanted to point out this is another good accent you can use on your cards.   Hope you like the examples.  : D



  1. Hi Mis ! :o) I like your new blog. And thank you so much for adding my link. And of course I love all of your cards ! ;O)
    Bye for now...David aka - stuffbydavid

  2. IDEA...When you are making fairy and mermaid cards, use my Angelina film for the fairy wings, and the mermaids tail. It will give it a 3D effect. All you have to do is get some wire, film, glue, candle or heat gun. And of course glitter. :o) Now just take your wire and form it over your mermaid tail or fairy wings. Glue on the film.(I like to put between wax paper, and slip it into a heavy book to dry)I have some good glue for this, it drys in about 10-15 min. When it is dry, trim the film to 1/4 from the wire. Then take your heat gun (works best) or candle and wave it over the film. This will cause color changes and rainbow effects, and it will shrink the film tight. Trim off any excess film again. And your done. :o) The film looks better if you crinkle it first before you glue it - shows more color. Now that your done you can shape it a little. You can bow the tail or bend or crurl the wings.
    David :o)

  3. Hi miskyla !
    I love your Halloween tags - they are such fun and so pretty !
    Thanks for popping in to my blog,
    Carolyn ^_^