Friday, December 10, 2010

Cute Little Medicine Cup Ornaments & More

I decided to share these cute little medicine cup ornaments I made.  I have been getting more in the Christmas spirit... I think it has something to do with this cold weather here in Florida.  I actually found one of these in a thrift store and thought it was a cool idea.  I had the medicine cups in my stash and some nice little miniature trees and figures that would fit inside the cups.  You have to carefully drill a hole in the top of the cup just enough to put a string through. ( I used my dremel, it only takes a few seconds)  The next thing I did was punch out 2 circles to fit the bottom of the cup... you glue them together to make them sturdier than one alone.  Then you can thread your bead through the end and knot it on the inside of the cup and slide one on the outer side for decoration as well. (see pics)  After this step I see where to position my trees or people ... whatever you are going to put on the inside of the cup.  I chose a tree and a figure for all of mine. I took little seed or silver beads and decorated the trees before I glued them down. Then I glued down the figure and put some snow on them.  When I was ready to finish I piled a bunch of snow in the middle and then put a big layer of glue around the outside of the cup and placed it down on the punched out circle to finish.  You will probably have to wipe around the outside and have to hold the string when your are doing this last part.  When it was dry I glued a thin strip of ribbon around the outside.  I think these make a cute project and are even a good one for a little older kids to do.  Hope you like these and if you have a question just post it and I'll get back to you. Thanks for looking :)  I am going to post some of the other little things I made too. One is a plexiglass glitter ornament (my mom scooped her up) and I made a bunch of pin~up girl shaker magnets.

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