Thursday, November 18, 2010

~ Pin-Up Girl Christmas Ornament Tags ~

Today I thought I would share my Christmas pin-up girl tags and how they were made since it is getting close to Christmas.  I took a larger size chipboard book and just took it apart -- very easy since it was only together with a key ring lol --  I then have 5 large chipboard tags to decorate... sometimes these are just as nice to give out as cards especially if you have a lot of people to give to.  I usually take my glimmer sprays and spray all 5 different colors and let them dry.  While they're drying I decide what is going to be the main image of the tag.  For the first tag I used Gumdrop spray and Gil Elvgren's  image ~ A Christmas Eve (Waiting for Santa) - I hand glued the crystals in red, green and gold all the way around the ornament shape and then put the image on and placed the 2 crystal stars in the corners.  I then brushed on the glitter in red and green on the rest of the ornament and after that placed the "Joy" and "Unwrap the magic of the season" sentiments on.  The last step is picking out ribbon and fibers for the top and placing them through. After they are through I always add a decorative brad like the red jewel one in this tag.

For the next tag it was sprayed with Pearl spray and the image used was also by Gil Elvgren it is ~ Out in the cold my tale's told.  I glued white, light blue and dark blue crystals around this ornament added the image and then put 2 blue crystal stars on the corners. Then I brushed on glitter in light and dark blue with some iridescent mixed in added the snowflakes and the "Let it snow" sentiment.  I also added a little joy charm in the top space of the ornament on this one. I finished by putting the ribbons and fibers through and adding a blue jewel brad. 

These are fun to do and they make nice gifts or decorations ... hope you like them and thanks for stopping and looking :)

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  1. These are lovely ! Very merry and bright - I like them ^_^