Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Butterfly & Flower Enchantment - In A Sweet Pea Dream - - Flowers - - Challenge # 5

This card is very special it was made for my mom's birthday which is today and I had it done but couldn't unveil it until now.. since I just gave her the card.  I really went wild with this one and did a lot.  As usual the background was done in glimmer chalks and the image which is the gorgeous Fox Allure was colored in watercolor pencils.  I glittered her hair in Art glitter's - Sugar Plum Fairy and the trim and design on her outfit plus the sticks in her hair were done with Hot Kiss also by Art Glitter. Her dress itself was done in a teal pearl glitter by Stampendous. I also added touches of this color to her hair.  Next I took a black glitter pen and traced over the tree limbs and vines to bring out more definition to them.  I added the silver leaves from a string of them that I cut apart and I just glued them each on separately. I then added the butterflies which were actually sequins that I just folded and glued on.  For the fox I used whited fun flock to give him a nice realistic look. I used my black glitter pen and my white gel pen on the fox's eyes and nose to bring them out more. I decided I wanted to do the opposite of what I did last time with the triangles so I picked an oriental themed background paper and then put a teal ribbon down and added a white with silver trim ribbon to the top of it.  Then I decided to mat the image on pink metallic pearl paper followed by silver mirror paper and aqua glitter paper to finish it. I then made another mat of the pink and silver paper to go the opposite way to give the design some flow. After all that I punched out the butterflies in each corner.  Then I added the paper roses and prima flowers and punched out butterflies and added sequin butterflies to match.  Lastly I added the "Enchantment" style stone. The inside design followed the theme and was pretty simple as you can see from the pic.  I am really happy with how this turned out... I thought maybe I did too much but I really liked it once it was all together.  I hope you like it too.  Thanks for looking :)


  1. Beautiful!! I am sure your Mom will love ot!
    Btw Happy Birthday to your Mom.

  2. I am certain your Mother will adore this one as I do. I love, love, love the sparkle!!!

    Thanks for helping me bring some flowers back to life this challenge at "In A Sweet Pea Dream" and hope to see more of your wondrous work in the future!

    DT Sweet Pea

  3. Gorgeous! I love the fun flock on the fox! (Wow, say that 10 times fast! Haha!) I'm sure your mom adored it! I hope she has a fabulous birthday! :)

  4. Thanks ladies!! She did and she really loved the card ... she said I put a lot of crazy work into it. But I really just LOVE doing it as I'm sure you can relate... especially when someone appreciates the end result :)
    ps>Regan ~ That is a tricky one lol!! :)