Friday, May 4, 2012

Glitterey Framed Mermaids ;)

Hi again everyone,
  Today I thought I would share my latest projects that I have been working on ~  My stamped and glittered images in frames.
I have done all my usual coloring and glittering and then I spray painted some frames and added the images to them.

                              Sweet Pea Stamps ~ Shining Through ~ By : Ching Chou Kuik

                                    Sweet Pea Stamp ~ Phoenix Allure ~ By : Ching Chou Kuik

                                              Sweet Pea Stamps ~ Veil ~ By : Anna Marine

  Stampendous Stamps Mermaid Image ~ (For this one I used some hexagon glitter to create the look of real scales on the mermaids body and tail)

Hope you enjoyed them and thanks for taking the time to look at my glittery creations ;D


You can get all the cool Sweet Pea Stamp Images Here  and lots more. They are also having some great sales right now too ... don't miss out !!! ;D


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